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When you absolutely positively gotta kill almost half of Mountjoy's army … the Moyry Pass, 1600, accept no substitute.

OK, I’m past the point justifying my unhealthy attention paid to Hugh O’Neill’s battles against the English crown, that’s just how this scrivener rolls. Also, they have loads of drama and people love drama so here we go.

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A graveyard for reputation: Sir John Norreys and the Battle of Mullaghbrack, 5 September 1595

Another battle? OK, yes for all of you who read in the last blog that I was going to leave you alone for a while, well this one sort of crept up on me, and unlike other battles such as the Ford of the Biscuits, Clontibret and the Yellow Ford, this one is somewhat less well-known.

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14 Aug

Bad result for the away side: The Battle of the Yellow Ford, 14 August 1598

Hold on a sec I hear you say, were we not at this battle stuff not a few days ago? Well, the simple answer is yes. Hot on the heels of the Ford of the Biscuits blog we are confronted with another but this time on the Battle on the Yellow Ford.

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Maguire, MacBaron and Henry Duke’s crackers: the Battle of the Ford of the Biscuits, 7 August 1594

We hear a lot about Hugh O’Neill’s revolutionary military reforms and his ability to outpace, outmanoeuvre and outfight his opponents, who were still under the mistaken opinion that the ‘primitive’ Irish were still going to fight them in their traditional old-fashioned ways.

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