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  • Reply to: 2016 400th Anniversary of the Great Hugh O'Neill   2 days 11 hours ago

    Sunday 13th Aug the Council of the Cineal Eoghain were delighted to present ALL the takings from the gate receipts of last weeks resurrected Auld Lammas Fair/Lunasa Festival to the local community groups who do most for young people and heritage in the area. 
    This was always our agenda for the Fair since we are a non-profit organisation, dedicated to putting people and local communities back in touch with their history, culture and heritage.
    These groups are Ardboe GAC, Moortown GAC and Coyle's Cottage(who do sterling work in keeping alive the local heritage. Without them there would be nothing to reconnect the children to). Their clicker indicates that just shy of 2000 people attended the event (not counting returnees) during the period 1-6pm. Of particular delight to us is that the bulk of this 2000 were children. 
    The other part of our agenda was to hand the festival back to the community once we had resurrected it and this is symbolized by the Cineal Eoghain Council handing back the banner for re-use next year.
    Paddy O'Neill, Chairman, Ardboe GAC
    Malachy O'Neill, Vice Chairman, Ardboe GAC
    Brian McLernon, Treasurer, Moortown GAC
    Martin Quinn, Committee, Moortown GAC
    Rose Ryan, Secretary, Coyle's Cottage
    Pat Joe McNally, Committee Coyle's Cottage
    Ronnie Carson Treasurer, Cineal Eoghain Council
    Máirtín O'Mealláin, Chairperson, Cineal Eoghain Council
    Dan O'Neill, Committee, Cineal Eoghain Council


  • Reply to: 2016 400th Anniversary of the Great Hugh O'Neill   3 days 15 hours ago

     I can't wait... obviously!

    Thank you for posting. 


  • Reply to: 2016 400th Anniversary of the Great Hugh O'Neill   3 days 17 hours ago

     It has been difficult for me to trace them in Ireland.



  • Reply to: Books on the O'Neills   1 week 5 days ago

    Magee Campus University of Ulster Sat 5th Aug

    Cineal Eoghain Council meeting, Magee College, Derry.
    The Cineal Eoghain Council wish to thank the University of Ulster Magee and Dr Malachy O'Neill for hosting the meeting today. The cross border group comprised local councillors, historians, folklorists, archivists, scientists, authors, archaeologists, tourism and funding specialists. This group has passion, skill and motivation to drive out short, medium and long term projects which will reconnect people to their history, culture and heritage whilst uniting and benfitting local communities along the whole geographic range of the Cineal Eoghain and its diaspora. The meeting was focussed, creative and action based. Thanks to all who could attend and to those who support our objectives in whatever way. One of the pictures illustrates what we are all about, one generation passes their experience, knowledge and passion to the new generation, Dessie to Dylan. Ar aghaidh le cheile!

  • Reply to: Books on the O'Neills   3 weeks 3 days ago

    A real community spirit

    We are very proud to say that everyone who helped arrange this great event to everyone who is preforming in it, is from the Mid Ulster area, from the sound man Sean Rocks to the man who done the poster Niall Devlin. We now hope you come out to support and enjoy the return of the Lamass fair and we pay tribute to the men a woman of the area who run the Lamass in the past many years, we hope to do them justice. 
    Sponsored and hosted by Cineál Eoghain Council and the Ancient Clan O'Neill.

  • Reply to: Books on the O'Neills   1 month 1 day ago

    Return of the Auld Lamas Fair, Ardboe Co Tyrone.

    Over the past 7 months the Cineál Eoghain Council have been engaged with local community groups and GAA clubs in the Ardboe, Moortown and Kinturk areas and with their support and permission the Cineál Eoghain are sponsoring the return of this traditional fair, many people have great childhood memories of the Lamas and we hope to recreate that for our children, we look forward to your support. Please share this post. (more info on the Lamas will be posted in the coming days)

  • Reply to: History   1 month 1 week ago

    It was really great to see everyone come out in support of my book launch at Ranfurly House, Dungannon. Really made special by the Dave Swift and An Fear Glic from Claiomh. Hopefully Drs Hiram Morgan and Malachy O'Neill's kind words helped assuage any fears that I'm full of it....well, when it comes to the Nine Years War guarantees on anything else...

  • Reply to: O'Neill of Armagh.   1 month 2 weeks ago

    Cineál Eoghain Council Provides Sponsorship to Tulach Óg Club

    The Cineál Eoghain council have kindly donated £250 to sponsor a tournament at Tulach Óg Camogie and Hurling Club’s forthcoming Summer Camp at Mid Ulster Sports Arena on 28th/29th July. 
    Cumann Uí Néill Tulach Óg Camogie and Hurling Club was established in December 2016, and it is named in honour of the O’Neill dynasty that was based for centuries at Tullaghoge Fort in County Tyrone. 
    It is fitting that the club was created in the 400th anniversary year of the death of Hugh ‘The Great’ O’Neill in Rome. Hugh was the last member of the O’Neill dynasty to be inaugurated as the ‘Earl of Tyrone’ at Tullaghoge Fort in 1595.
    The Cineál Eoghain Council enjoy a close association with this new Camogie and Hurling club, and we strongly welcome this new sporting and cultural development in the Mid-Ulster area. 
    Cumann Uí Néill is already making great strides, with the club fielding teams in Under 8, 10 and 12 blitzes and leagues thanks to the dedication of a group of skilled coaches supported by a strong committee. The future looks bright, and as the old Irish proverb says: 
    Mol an Óige agus tiocfaidh sí
    -Praise Youth and It Will Flourish
    Ronnie Carson, Cineál Eoghain Council Member presents a cheque to Cathal Coyle, Secretary of Cumann Uí Néill Tulach Óg Camogie and Hurling Club. Also pictured is Dan O’Neill, Cineál Eoghain Council Member.

  • Reply to: O'Neill of Armagh.   1 month 2 weeks ago

    The Cineál Eoghain council was set up to register and guid the clans of the Cineál Eoghain, The Ancient Clan O'Neill are proud to say they helped form this organization and were one of the first to register.


    Cineal Eoghain Council goes from strength to strength.

    After a year in existence the Cineal Eoghain Council has made another huge and historic stride forward in it’s objectives by formally becoming a cross border organization. At a meeting in Inishowen attended by scientists, archaeologists, historians, media, community representatives etc. the Cineal Eoghain Council reforged the old links back to where the Cineal Eoghain originated. Against the backdrop of the Cineal Eoghain proposal to twin An Grianan of Aileach in Inishowen with Tulach Og near Cookstown, momentum was maintained by the discussion of specific short and medium term projects which would involve and benefit communities throughout the original Cineal Eoghain territory which stretched from Inishowen to Belfast and from Coleraine to Armagh. 
    A formal presentation of a Cineal Eoghain plaque was made to the mayor of Inishowen, councillor Jack Murray. The Cineal Eoghain representatives were then taken on a tour of the most significant historic sites associated with the Cineal Eoghain in Inishowen eg Grianan, Ishkaheen, Carrickbraghy, Dunowen, Clochna and Carndonagh.
    This was a fine and fitting reciprocation of the earlier tour which the Inishowen representatives were given around the sites of Tyrone. 
    The trip was hugely informative and memorable and showed the depth of knowledge and enthusiasm which exists for this cross border project.
    The Cineal Eoghain Council would like to thank ALL those who attended and who showed such hospitality and especially Donegal County Council and the Inishowen Development Partnership.


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